As a home service business, one of your primary goals is to appear at the top of search results so that potential customers can find you, request quotes, and book appointments. At this point, you’ve probably tried a slew of strategies to increase your ranking. But with all of these efforts, many of you are still far from the first or second page of search results (hello page 10).

So what’s keeping my business down?

Google bases your business’s ranking on many factors, but one of the most important (if not the most important) factors is website architecture. Website architecture is the foundation for any digital marketing you do. Meaning if it isn’t strong, the rest of your efforts are going to fall flat.

Think of your website architecture like this—imagine not pouring concrete for the foundation of a house and then building on top of it. The entire structure will start sinking, right?

We’ve put together an infographic to explain more about the basics you need to know about site architecture. Download it below to start boosting your website visibility and traffic!