This week, Google announced a major update to their AdWords platform that will improve the way you market your business on mobile. The update streamlines your advertisements by improving user engagement and readability.

As digital marketing experts, we’ve broken down the things you need to know about the Google AdWords update and its impact on your advertising strategy.

What’s New with Google AdWords?

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This update changes how sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets are displayed on mobile ads.

  • Sitelinks: Google’s new design includes carousel site links, meaning users can swipe right and left on CTA buttons that link to specific pages on your site.These “tappable” links increase user engagement by taking users to more relevant pages on your site directly from your ad. Whether it’s top selling products or specific services, you have the power to choose featured pages in your advertisement.
  • Callouts and Structured Snippets: Google’s making your ads more readable for users. Previously, these features were relegated to separate lines below your ad. With this update, they’re placed in paragraph form directly in your ad-copy. This means that on average, more callouts and snippets can appear in your ad, and users can more easily understand and engage with your ad content.

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