We all know that home improvement sales is relationship-based. This is why referrals close at such a high rate. It’s a challenge, though, to build that relationship in the home. Your sales team needs every advantage to develop trust and win the client over to doing business with you.

One key technique to build trust in the home is to leverage your nearby projects. Customers love doing business with local companies, that’s why yard signs and radius mailers are effective marketing. As your business grows, though, you can’t count on remembering all your different projects – you need a system!

Here’s what you need to do to close more sales by being the neighborhood’s trusted remodeler.

1) Know your projects.

We work with thousands of remodelers across the country, and you’d be surprised how few know where all of their previous jobs are. You need to know where you’ve done work to show it to potential customers!

Just being able to see every job you’ve done establishes you as an experienced expert in your industry. After all, if they see you’ve done 100 or 1,000 jobs, they can trust you to not make rookie mistakes!

2) See which projects are nearby.

Once you know where your past customers are, map them out! If you have a past customer just down the street, that will be persuasive content for your sales team to share.

Fairbanks Construction can immediately show that they are the right team for the job – as a Big 50 remodeler, they have a lot of previous work to show off!

Here at Spectrum, we give you the software you need to map out every job. Not only can you show the whole scope of jobs you’ve done, you can sort by just jobs in the same area to show off your local work.

3) Show off your projects.

Once you can demonstrate that you are experienced and local, you can dive into the details. Having reviews or photographs of your work on nearby homes will help your sales team build trust faster and close more sales.

Fairbanks highlights their local success on a tablet, right during the sales call!

In our software, your job map automatically highlights customers who reviewed you or who have photographs of your work. Not only can you prove that you’re local, you can show what a great a job you do!

There’s your strategy to leveraging your previous jobs to close more new business. Customers love working with the local company, and with the right strategy, you can show them that you are the right team for the job. Start by knowing where your projects are, then map them out, and include photos and reviews to close the deal.

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