For the moving industry, technology moves at a mile-a-minute. Previously, sales had to be done face-to-face, which requires a lot of inefficient driving and the risk of no-shows. Today, movers have options to supplement the classic sit-down.

Many movers are turning to off-the-shelf apps like Facetime, Skype, or SnapChat to video conference with customers. You can fill out your inventories and give an accurate estimate, all without leaving your desk! The advantages are numerous:

  • Perfect for far-away moves at the edge of your service area.
  • Great for small moves, where you aren’t sure if it is worth the drive.
  • Customers almost always have a smartphone, so the tech barriers are low.
  • More efficient than driving, so you can give more estimates daily (which your sales team will love).

The downsides of using an off-the-shelf app on your employee’s smartphone are partially obvious, but some are more subtle:

  • Tech problems: most apps only work on one device type, so if your customer has an Android phone and you have an iPhone, you‘re out of luck.
  • Disconnected: you are relying on your employees to accurately record the details. Leads may fall through the cracks
  • Risk of Mixups: you hear horror stories about people accidentally turning on their video conferencing in the shower, or any number of other embarrassing situations. You just really shouldn’t risk it!

The good news is that we have a solution that takes the best of both worlds: we built Visual Quoter, a desktop-based video solution just for the moving industry!

You can make 2-way video calls or take recorded video messages, right from your computer. We record your quotes straight to your CRM, we work on Apple and Android, and you don’t have to worry about your employees making any painful mixups out-of-the-office!

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