Customers buy on reputation. In the moving industry, they are inviting you into their home, and asking you to move all of their worldly possessions, maybe across the country or even the globe. Of course they need to trust you!

To put your best foot forward, you can jumpstart the trust-building process with online reviews. But where to put them? It is hard to say whether a potential homeowner uses Yelp, Angie’s List, or any one of the many other review sites.

There is one website that you know for certain that your customer will see – your own website! You will want an overwhelming amount of happy reviews on your website, and you will want to highlight those so that every potential customer sees them.

Black Tie Moving crushes the competition with reviews, and we have the software to put those reviews right into Google search results. This is why Black Tie Moving is expanding into new markets in 2017!

When you are prioritizing which review sites to get reviews on, here are the ones you should hit first:

  1. Your own website.
  2. Your Google Business listing.
  3. Every review site that shows up on page 1 when you Google your brand name.

With solid reviews on all of those properties, you will start off on the exact right footing with your customers. They will know that you are the reputable mover that they want to work with. And it all starts with reviews on your own site!

Ready to get started building reviews? Download our review request templates below, and send those out to your customers! With the right request, you can build a healthy amount of reviews to promote your business to the world.