When we visited Mountain View in May, Google announced new features on the horizon for advertisers. The most exciting new feature launch was the plan to increase the size of Google ads by about 50% - eventually.

Well, eventually means now! Google made Extended Text Ads available to all advertisers last week. We’ve been using the larger ad format for considerably longer than that, so we have the full data on how they’re performing in your industry.

We had to know – will these ads perform better? Will they be more expensive because they’re larger? We crunched the numbers, download our whitepaper for the answer to these questions and more!

What does this mean for Remodelers?

If you’re not running paid search:

  • Your competitors will grab a larger portion of your leads with more effective ads.
  • Your website will be pushed down by the ad section, which is now slightly larger.

If you’re running paid search:

  • With the right strategy, your results will improve! We won more leads at less cost.
  • Bigger ads give you an opportunity to get creative – your headlines can highlight what you sell, plus a sale you have going on!

Ready to take advantage? Download our whitepaper for strategies on how to implement the new format, and see how our ads have performed over the first few months!