Every weekend, your home show team is out there trying to persuade potential customers to sit with your sales force. You can help your demonstrators build more business by creating structures and systems that lead to set appointments. Here are 10 proven rules to help your demonstrators win the most leads!

The 10 Home Show Rules

1 – No sitting.

2 – No food.

3 – No drinks.

4 – No cell phones

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5 – Dress business casual – nothing torn, and nothing dirty.

6 – Be kid friendly – a bowl of candy is an easy way to do it!

7 – No talking about the weather.

The weather is a dead-end conversation topic. Train your demonstrators to start conversations that lead to an appointment! Ask how the visitor is liking the event, or if they’ve seen any great remodeling ideas at the fair. What a natural transition into coming to see your booth! Contest entries and surveys are also great ways to both entice customers and to qualify them.

8 – No hands in pockets.

9 – No staring at the ceiling.

10 – No ignoring passerbys.

Essentially, these last 3 tips boil down to Be Extroverted. If your demonstrators are staring at the ceiling with their hands in their pockets, you probably need to tune up your selection and training process! An easy and scaleable way to recruit the right demonstrators is to administer a personality test during the interview. The tests take about 10 minutes and are available for free here.

Remember, the quality you’re looking for is extroverted, because extroverts are persuasive and naturally chatty, the ideal personality for a successful Home Show demonstrator.

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