There are a lot of digital marketing strategies out there and there are even more digital marketing agencies that claim they can help you. Between your Google ads, your Google organic placements, your lead capturing software, your contact manager, and your tools to reach out to those leads, it’s really easy to get caught up in a contract with one or more digital agencies that aren’t giving you the results you deserve.

We’ve created a quick and easy guide to help you weed out the mediocre and identify the right digital agency to build your online presence. Here are 3 key personality traits to look for in your digital marketing team and ultimately help you to grow your business. 

1) Experience

This may seem obvious, but consider this—digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry. Plenty of new agencies are popping up that don’t have a full grasp on the digital marketing industry or the remodeling industry for that matter. They may not know how to handle common issues with SEO or understand how to properly market in regards to common remodeling industry pitfalls like one leggers.

When you hire a digital marketing team you should be able to lean on your account manager’s experience, both in digital marketing and in the remodeling industry. Without experience, your account manager may not be able to understand your remodeling specific issues or your digital marketing needs.

One good way to measure for experience – how long have they been doing what they’re doing? Has your account manager succeeded for other remodeling companies? If your account manager just started last month, or your account managers keep quitting, those are all bad signs!

2) Availability

Have you seen your account manager in a while? You really should be talking with them regularly. After all, your account team is made up of experts, and you will want to be picking their brain to effectively combine your efforts.

If you’re constantly struggling to get a hold of your website account manager, you should consider that a bad sign. If you’re suggesting improvements or catching errors and those are taking a long time to fix, that’s also a problem!

As a way to ensure that you are getting your money's worth, ask your account manager how many hours they have worked on your program in the last month. If the answer is vague or the number of hours is low, your account manager's time is spread too thin.

3) Expertise

Just like experience, it’s essential that your account managers have expertise in both their own field as well as yours. Your account manager should combine the knowledge of a seasoned digital marketing specialist and a savvy remodeling industry expert.

There are many certifications, offered by Google and similar companies, to make sure that digital marketers are up to the task. If your account manager isn’t wowing you with original ideas, they may not be well trained! Ultimately, your digital agency will be in charge of pushing your results forward through a mix of creative thinking and hard-boiled technical skills; so it’s important that you ensure they are up to the task.

One easy way to tell if your account manager is an expert – are they at a Google Premier Partner Agency? Well, then they’ve had to pass a battery of tests to represent your brand. That account manager will be a safe bet!

So, there you go – a quick and easy rubric for grading your digital marketing team.

For your next steps: Reach out to your account manager and check in. Ask how much time they've put into your digital marketing lately. Ask them what big ideas they have in the pipeline for your brand.

If you’re not satisfied with how experienced or available your current marketing expert is, call us! Here at Spectrum, we pride ourselves on having the best and most talented marketing experts anywhere. We are always available for a quick phone call, or you can stop by one of our offices for a face-to-face meeting. With our insider knowledge of digital marketing and the remodeling industry, we’re the team you want in your corner to build your brand online.