Email is a great tool for home services marketing. You are selling a service with a considerable research window – the more expensive your service, the longer the window. If you touch a prospective customer throughout their research process, your brand will keep popping up in their mind as they’re getting ready to make the decision. The closer you are to the top of the mind, the more likely you are to schedule a sales appointment and ultimately make the sale.

Here are 4 Email Campaigns you should be running

1) Ask every booked job for a review.

2) Ask everyone who leaves a kind review to spread the word on review sites - not sure where to send them? Check out our review site guide.

3) Keep in touch with your customers – occasionally ask them how they are liking your work. Occasionally mention your referral program.

4) Add each sales lead into a drip email campaign. Try different campaigns, like one for your homeshow leads and another for contest leads.

A drip campaign sends each new sales lead the same series of articles. Imagine, by sending an informative article every week for a month, you keep popping up in your customer’s inbox as they get ready to make a purchase. This is an efficient way to continuously touch leads who may not be instantly ready to sit for a demo.

The strength of email marketing comes from its complexity – you have the ability to segment your recipients, sending just the right message to the right person, at the right time. The trouble is, that complexity also makes it a huge pain to interpret your results.

How do you know if you are doing well?

Maybe I can help you make heads or tails of your email marketing – we send tens of thousands of emails every week! Like all of your digital marketing, your emails give you an unprecedented level of trackability. You have a system in place to measure how effective your sales reps are. Think of these metrics as the basis to measure how effective your email marketing program is. Once you understand the metrics, you can make systematic improvements to your process until you have a lean and efficient email marketing operation.

Here are some questions we answer in our benchmarking guide:

- What percentage of people should be opening my email?

- When is the best time of day to send a sales email?

- How often should I send to my customer list?

Download the full guide below to get started on improving your email marketing results!