Referral leads are well loved for a reason: they close at an unparalleled rate, and the cost-per-lead is about as low as it gets. The question is how to grow the amount of referrals you receive. A certain portion of your customers are going to refer you without you doing a thing. Picking a home service company is a tough process, and as a favor to their friends and family, they recommend you because they had a good experience. These good Samaritans are a great help to your business, but to boost the number of referrals you receive, you will need a good call-to-action to bring in more referrers.

  • Looking for ideas where to start? Download our referral request templates to the right!

Referrals are a remodeler's best friend

You should build a referral program, and let your past customers know that you have it. The easiest (and cheapest!) way to keep in touch with a large list of past customers is through email, so be sure to collect an email from each of your customers! A good way to do this – and avoid the “I don’t have an email” response – is to send your initial appointment confirmation by email.

Once you have a list of past customer emails, start gently reminding them that you have a referral program. This is easily integrated into your review request emails, in the footer or in your email signature. A simple link to a page on your website explaining your referral program with a printable coupon is sufficient.

Incentivize carefully.

  • You need to strike a careful balance when you are building your call-to-action for new referrals. You can’t have it look like you are buying their referral – imagine what their friend or family member might think when they receive that referral card! You want to incentivize your past customer to recommend their friends, but make it a welcoming “win-win” offer. Split the incentive between the referrer and their friend in need of your services.
  • Make it personal – remember, your referrer is someone you’ve done business with. You know them. Get creative with how you thank them for their friendly and helpful behavior. A gift card is fine. An actual gift may be better, as it makes a greater impression. A bottle of wine and a thank-you note goes over well in most households.
  • Know your customers - no, seriously, you need to know where to send the thank-you gift! For your referral program to be scaleable, you need to have a detailed record of your past jobs. Emails to send referral requests to, as well as addresses to send thank-yous and incentives to. If you aren't already tracking all of your leads in one CRM system, give us a call! Our software is specialized for the remodeling industry, and makes your sales pipeline fully trackable (including dedicated referral nurturing).
  • So, you have a process in mind and you're ready to start boosting your referral business. Not sure where to go from there? Have a look at our referral templates, downloadable below! That should give you everything you need to grow and systematize your referral lead flow.