Time for some hard truths. According to Google, as of May 5, there are more monthly searches on smartphones than on desktop computers. Digging into our own data from hundreds of home services companies, we see the same trend. If your site doesn’t look great on a smartphone, you are hemorrhaging leads.

Consider the portion of Spectrum home services leads on mobile vs desktop:

The huge upsurge in smartphone users sets the stage for Google’s new algorithm change, taking effect this month. You may remember that Google began favoring mobile-friendly sites in April 2015, in what was semi-jokingly called “Mobilegeddon.” The search giant announced that it is deepening these changes, pushing mobile-friendly sites further up the search results this May. Think of this as Google doubling down on the changes, committing more of its vital search ranking to mobile–friendly websites.

So, what can you expect from Google’s new algorithm update in the home services industry? Here’s a sneak preview:

  • Keep an eye on your rankings. If your site is mobile friendly, expect more visitors overall due to better search rankings. Test your site with the tools in our downloadable guide to the right!
  • Expect more mobile focused changes from Google. For instance, phone numbers have long been clickable on paid-search ads in Google search results. Google is testing clickable numbers for organic results right now.
  • Analytics is your best friend – you can see how many of your visitors are on smartphones, and how well they are converting into sales leads. Try out mobile-friendly features like click-to-call on your own website to snag more mobile leads!

There you have it! The trend here is crystal clear – consumers are voting with their feet (or with their iPhones) by browsing the web and making their purchases on mobile devices. Google, with their insanely deep pools of data, sees this trend and is pushing companies to be ready. Make sure that your own company site is ready to take full advantage!

(Wondering how mobile-friendly your site is? Analyze it with the tools in our downloadable guide below!)