When you’re running a sophisticated business at scale, your interactions with your customers can quickly become complex—and overwhelming, to say the least. From the first contact to setting and confirming the appointment, you’ll need to have systems in place to make sense of a truly complicated process. If all goes well, you’ll get a new customer—but the selling process doesn’t end there! Read over our 3 must-send emails to see how to leverage your past customers to generate new customers. Once you’ve read them over, feel free to download our Email Template Guide for a sample copy of each email.

Vital Email #1) Mind reviewing us?

  • There is some debate around requesting reviews, but for the most part, it’s all hot air. To be clear - You should definitely, 100%, systematically be requesting reviews from your customers! Your reviews process is a key advanced warning of problems in your production cycle. For example, you’ll know right away if your customers are getting mad at a glitch in your system, which is far better to know about it early on and fix it, rather than have it surprise you later on. Plus, having a sterling reputation will help you turn site visitors into leads and leads into customers.
  • How to do it? Think of your homepage as the safe testing bed for requesting feedback. Ask every single customer to leave a review on your own website. If you receive reviews pointing out any problems that pop up, fix them ASAP and then publish the review(s). After that, invite your existing reviewers to review you elsewhere. If you’re not sure where to send them, check out our Review Site Guide!

Vital Email #2) Checking in for issues

  • When in doubt, ask if your customer is happy. A simple check-in email, inviting the customer to email you with any issues they’re having, can have a great impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Think of automated emails like the tireless, 80-hour-a-week worker on your sales team. They’re your secret weapon in measuring customer satisfaction and solving problems before they become (even bigger) problems. Imagine if a customer is a little irate that a piece of their job went unfinished (and even at great companies, miscommunication happens). A simple invitation to talk solves the problem well before it becomes a 1-star rant on your Yelp page. In fact, reaching out to fix problems can also improve your company’s reputation—and help you earn more glowing reviews

Vital Email #3) Thank you!

  • People will do business with companies they don’t like – think of how much you like your cable company. But people are enthusiastic about doing business with companies they love! Referrals and reviews come from customers who love your way of doing business. Taking the time to say “Thank You” is one way to make your customer feel like family.
  • Thank them for their business! Include a picture of your install crew or the whole team or your furry mascot in the email. This is one email you might send out manually – or at the bare minimum, personalize the message with their name. This is your way of standing out to them in the sea of companies they need to interact with on a daily basis. No ulterior motive here – but if your customers walks away from doing business with you feeling good, only good things will come of it.