Times are changing in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) field.

No longer is it vital to find blog posts to comment on. No longer is it imperative to find irrelevant websites to link with. Getting your website found in search engines has become a lot more involved. Being social and utilizing many different interactive marketing strategies is a surefire way to build your company’s brand and online visibility.

One of the newest and most effective ways to create good quality back-links is to CREATE CONTENT.

This doesn’t mean creating content that has no relevance to your company, this means creating good quality content that people want to read and share. We live in a socially interactive world and you need to be heard online. By creating content and getting people to share your thoughts is a good way to drive people to your website. Building quality content should be an integrated part of your marketing strategy.

Below I have listed 10 ways creating content is superior to link building:

1. Content Keeps You Connected.

It gives you the opportunity to show the online world a personalized side of your company. People like to feel connected to a brand/company. This is a great opportunity to connect with them.

2. Content Keeps You Top of Mind.

When you create content people want to read, you are capturing the opportunity for people to share your content socially. People may Like, Retweet, and share your content via various social media sites.

3. Content can be Tracked.

You can measure the value of content easier than a link. This is a more effective way of tracking results, leads and impressions

4. Content is White Hat.

Building relevant content is not spammy, it is natural. Links can sometimes be seen as spam by Google.

5. Content Keeps People Interested.

It’s a good way to build an audience. You want to keep people coming back for more.

6. Content Builds Trust.

Depending on the content you produce, it can give you credibility and a knowledgeable reputation in your industry.

7. Content Keeps You Out of Trouble.

Google currently has no penalties in their algorithm for producing content, but they do for certain types of links. Producing good quality content is a good remedy if you have been affected by the recent Google Penguin update.

8. Content Keeps You in Control.

Creating content gives you another opportunity to direct people to specific landing pages. If you are looking to drive people to a specific page, include good quality anchor text links in your article to that page.

9. Content Keeps You Visible.

Developing blog articles will give Google more content to crawl. This is important to you because if your blog article contains key phrases and content that is relevant to a user’s query, it will show up in search results. Showing up in search results will give your blog visibility and increase the chances of someone visiting your website.

10. Content is Affordable.

Creating good quality content is more cost effective than buying links, as well as more credible.

In what other ways is Content Marketing superior to Link Building? Let us know in the comments below!

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