Steve Jobs was a masterful marketer.

Because he positioned Apple as an experience, not just a product.

He recognized that people connect with striking, beautiful images and actually acknowledge well-crafted, compelling headlines.

Apple’s website, for example, is an experience. Every headline generates curiosity and commands your attention. Every image looks sharp, bright and professional.

The end result is trust.

Apple is not the only company capitalizing on Internet ADD. Back in September of 2013, Facebook reinvented itself (again) by increasing the platform's minimum image size. 

Larger, sharper images show more detail, making them easier to see. They serve their purpose better, which is to capture our attention

So, go ahead... take a leaf from Steve Jobs’s book and never look back. Create compelling headlines that make a valuable promise to your prospects and enhance your headlines with beautiful, high-def images.

Tell your story.

Sell your product.