The form to your right is an indicator that your computer has spyware. If you're seeing a form like this on your moving site, please uninstall any Internet toolbars you have, especially KeyBar.

Why is this happening?

Several movers have recently reported seeing invasive quote forms on their moving websites. This is an industry-wide issue that could potentially affect any moving website.

If you're experiencing this issue, the problem resides in your browser, not your website.

In the cases we’ve reviewed, a user unknowingly downloaded hostile adware/spyware by downloading a toolbar, especially KeyBar.

Uninstalling the toolbar will usually get rid of any popups or quote forms which are improperly displayed on moving websites.

How many sales am I losing to this!?

Almost everybody on your website is unaffected by this problem and is currently seeing your website exactly like you want them to see it.

The only users that are affected by these popups or quote forms have previously downloaded malware – in most cases, that means less than 1% of users are affected. 

If you've been affected, please read on.

My company is affected. How do we solve this problem?

If anyone reports seeing a competitor's quote form on your website, we recommend:

1) Getting a screenshot and filling out the form.

2) Documenting which company responds to the information provided and sending them a cease-and-desist letter.

The only technical option is to ask affected users to remove the toolbar/malware. Unfortunately, it is not possible to solve this problem by fixing your website. The problem is with the user’s browser, not your website.

Please contact your SEO with any questions you may have regarding this matter.