In an attempt to understand the ever-changing landscape of mobile usage, Nielson Media Research, the company that creates the Nielsen Ratings, took a survey of more than 2,000 smartphone users. The results were then compiled with data from the Nielsen Smartphone Analytics Panel.

The results are a compelling reminder that the way people purchase products and services has changed.

For local businesses, it's more of a wake-up call.

Below are five compelling statistics that could change everything:

1 in 3 Mobile Searches are for Local Businesses

Given that only 1 in 5 desktop searches are for local businesses, the significance of this statistic can't be contested.

The fact that smartphone searches are 66% more likely to be for local companies than those performed on a desktop signifies that people who use their mobile phones are typically looking for something around them (e.g. directions, an address, a phone number).

Is your business website optimized for mobile browsing?

65% of Online Searches Begin on a Smartphone

This means that the majority of people that find your business online will be using a mobile device to browse your site.

It goes hand-in-hand with the next, more interesting statistic...

60% of Smartphone Users Complete Purchases Related to Mobile Activity

People have never felt more comfortable making purchases on their phones.

It makes sense. After all, every passing day yields more opportunities to explore and learn and customize. And every update makes it all easier. And if you haven't bought anything using your smartphone yet, you will soon enough.

46% of People Use Their Smartphones as Their Primary Research Tool

With so many options and so much available information, you better believe that consumers are doing their research. The question is are business owners doing everything they can to progress potential customers further along the mobile conversion funnel?

57% of Smartphone Users Go Directly to a Company's App or Website

If you're a small- or medium-sized business, you most likely don't have (or need) a dedicated company app.

A website, however, is a necessity.

The most effective way to provide your website visitors with an enjoyable, consistent experience on the mobile version of your site is to build it with responsive design technology. Doing so will ensure that each page of your website is easy and intuitive to navigate on any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Given the prolific use of mobile these days -- for everything from browsing to research to purchases -- there is no question that responsive design is on its way to universal standardization. .

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