Entering most anything into Google Search will yield you ten organic results, which are made up of ten separate component, or parts – though when it comes to influencing the click-through patterns of potential business leads, some of these parts are more important than others. In this two-part article, we’ll cover 1) how to optimize the way your Google Search result is written and 2) how to optimize the appearance of your Google Search result for a click-through rate that’s truly unprecedented. From an editorial perspective, we’ll be working with the following 3 components of a Google Search result:

1) “Page Title”

Limited to 70 characters, this is the first line of copy in a Google Search result and typically the first words searchers will read.

How to make it Standout:

Write a page title that targets only one or two main searches, as readers are far more likely to click through on results that mention their original search term. Your original search term will also be bolded, making it easier for readers who are merely scanning to know that your page is relevant to their search. Additionally, search engines favor page titles that mention the search term early in the Page Title. Last but not least, although Google puts a 70-character limit on Page Titles, we recommend a shorter, snappier title of 4-9 words. It’s both easier to read and share.

2) “Meta Description”

Located directly below the Page Title, this is a very short paragraph that describes the page it is connecting to.

How to make it Standout:

Grab the reader’s attention with this space by including unique, intriguing and/or exciting information that’s relevant to the search term (which, again, will appear bolded). Talk about an award you’ve won; an exciting sale or promotion you’re having; or any other evidence that expresses your credibility, such as how many satisfied customers you've had.

3) “URL”

Also known as the domain, this displays the address you will be taken to when clicking the search result.

How to make it Standout:

Keep your URL short and relevant. Again, Google will bold any words you searched in this section so having a URL that’s consistent with the product and/or service you’re offering can be a benefit. Also, we recommend separating words that appear after the domain with hyphens (e.g. www.spectruminc.com/fixing-your-SEO). This will make your message easier to read.

4) Local Targeting

If you’re mainly interested in attracting local traffic, we’d recommend mentioning that you’re a local company. For example, our proprietary data tells us that Chicagoans were 10% more likely to click on our ads for windows and doors when the ads mentioned “Chicago,” or “Illinois.” This will also help you when it comes to searches containing your city and/or area.

Our next article will cover how to make your Google result LOOK more appealing – reeling in more traffic and achieving an impressive click-through rate for your page. In the meantime, visit Spectrum today!