Google is at it again. They are buying up some internet real estate that will change the way we as consumers view search queries. Google will be buying Frommers’s, the travel Mecca of information. Google will be paying a reported $23 Million for the Frommer’s Brand. This brand is most notable for their travel guides to different countries. These guides are constantly being updated to improve upon the provided information. These are the most popular travel guides and also most trusted. So why would Google want to buy a travel guide? The key is original content. This is the driving factor of search engine marketing in today’s world. Original content is king and will drive results for your campaign, whatever that may be.

Google has been working on new search engines to compete with companies like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and CitySearch. These are the noted local search engines that people are using over Google services. Google’s hope is to create a new search database to provide more of a one stop shop effect with their search engine.

The information provided from Frommer’s will lead to an abundant amount of new information for Google’s crawlers to go through. The creation of these new Google services will lead to an extreme shift in what people’s searches come up with. This will not only change the natural searches, but also much of the PPC campaigns as well. Keyword bidding will look totally different from this extreme shift.

Google will be running into the Federal Trade Commission over the issues of antitrust. In Google’s case, this can be seen when they show their new travel advisory over TripAdvisor in a search query. Google will show favoritism to their own brand over a competitor. This could end companies like TripAdvisor, Yelp and CitySearch overnight.

Only time will tell how this will all workout in the end with Google, but we will certainly see some feuds coming in the near future.