With over 90 million users Google+ is quickly becoming a competitor in the social media space.  Launched in June 2011, Google+ is the search engine leader's social networking site.  With its extreme growth and effect on search, Google+ is giving other social media outlets, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, another competitor in the marketplace.   It is quickly becoming an essential part of any business marketing plan.

In November 2011, Google rolled out the service to businesses after only offering it to individuals. Now the platform not only supports individuals and their followers, but helps companies grow their following and networks.  With your own business page you can develop key relationships with your customers and prospects alike!

How Can Google+ Elevate your Business Above the Competition?

Google + allows businesses to build professional networks, share relevant industry information and gain vital feedback from consumers interacting with the company or brand. Individuals are able to add a company to their Google+ circle and interact with content that has been posted.   Customers and prospects can share a company's page with their network, “+ 1” or endorse updates, leave comments and tag brands in their own updates.  This spreads brand awareness and gives your company essential real time feedback.  A powerful marketing tool, Google+ for Business provides the tools to help you grow your audience and customer base.

Perks to Google+

Two elements make Google+ for Business stand out from its competitors.

  1. Video chat/ conference abilities (hangout), and
  2. How Google+ effects search.

Recently, Google’s search engine ranks Google + pages in its query results.  Collecting information from social circles and networks, Google is able to crawl and enhance Google+ users positions on search engine results pages.  Whether it is an article you posted, a +1 you received, or someone mentioning your brand, Google + is incorporating itself into the main Google search pages.

One perk to having a large number of individuals in a company’s circle and interacting with them frequently is Google Social Search, the idea that one personal endorsement is more powerful in search than 100 casual shares.   For instance, a company site that is in position 25 in the search can jump as far as position 2 if someone in their Google+ circle shared something the company posted.  If that same post was shared by someone who wasn’t socially connected to the company the jump would be much less significant.

Google + is a powerful competitor in the social and search engine results space.  Businesses receive better Search Engine Results Page real estate from Google +'s authority. With your company showing up higher and more frequently in the search you are able to increase website traffic and boost lead generation!

 Creating a Google+ Page is Easy

Google+ for Business makes it easy to share and be shared!  Here at Spectrum we take care of setting up a Google+ page for you, and can work with you to make it an effective marketing tool for your company. Learn more about Google+ and its benefits by listening to a short introduction video presented by Spectrum Communications and Consulting.

Want more information?  We'd love to hear from  you! Give us a call or shoot over an email to see what Spectrum can do for you!