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About Adam Barrett

Adam got his introduction to Spectrum in 2011 as an intern and then joined the Spectrum Team in 2012 as an SEO. The sheer ever changing dynamics attracted him to the industry, knowing that no day would ever be the same. Adam graduated from Western Illinois University where he studied Business and Computer Science. Outside of the office Adam likes to workout, go to car shows, snowboard, travel, go to Blackhawks games, and learn new skills. Follow Adam on Google+

Siding Opportunity

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Technology has changed the way businesses market, and the way people seek out information about goods and services has changed right along with it. Marketing your business doesn’t just take effort anymore, it takes knowledge. That’s why a tailored marketing strate...

For those of you who don’t know Pinterst is a new medium for social media. To simplify it, imagine a giant pin board that’s based on the web that you can pin anything you find in the internet and share with your friends, family, and the world. The creators at Pinterest saw what a trend that has been...

New social media sites are always popping up on the web.  With that being said, It is getting harder and harder to actually define social media these days.  For most people first thought in their mind when you say social media is Facebook.  Currently, Facebook is arguably the most pop...

On a daily basis, many people will use a computer, and of those computer users, almost all of them will surf the internet. Of those internet users, the vast majority uses Google for their searches on the web. The question I ask you is: Do you know the best search practices for Google? A study at Ill...

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Spectrum helps home service businesses grow with digital lead generation and sales software built for your industry.As a Google Premier Partner ranking in the top 1%, Google rates us as one of the best agencies in the world in performance and customer care. Rely on Spectrum’s innovative software and marketing services to grow your business and bottom line, guaranteed!

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