pinterest social mediaFor those of you who don’t know Pinterst is a new medium for social media. To simplify it, imagine a giant pin board that’s based on the web that you can pin anything you find in the internet and share with your friends, family, and the world. The creators at Pinterest saw what a trend that has been becoming more and more prevalent on Facebook, arguably the most popular form of social media today, and created an entire emerging social media entity based around the trend. The trend identified was that people would browse the web and when they would stumble upon something they found interesting or liked enough they wanted to share with friends and family they would make a wall post on Facebook.

By creating a social media site based around this idea, the site has been quickly gaining popularity. Some of this increase in popularity is attributed to its extreme ease of use and its diverse appeal. People use the site for anything from planning a wedding to sharing interesting articles they find on the internet. It has also become popular with people posting things they like which helps for gift ideas for everything from birthdays to baby showers.

Now you may be wondering how this site can help your company. It’s actually quite simple; include it in your company’s social media marketing plan. Different types of companies will have slightly different approaches but all have the same end goal, increase your company’s visibility on social media, where their customers are. By making your site very user friendly and appealing to your customers will make your site more likely to be pinned.

Another way is a little bit more passive but it is always vitial to ensure that you have a consistent message across all forms of social media. Watch and see that people are pinning about your company or your products. This will give you valuable insight on what your customers like best. As an add on to seeing what your customers like best you can compare what people like the most and see if it matches up with your highest sales. If they don’t match up you can investigate this. By modifying promotions or even adjusting price could help sales to skyrocket. An example of this would be if your company saw that a lot of people liked and wanted ‘Product A.’ Even though product B had the highest sales. A possibility could be that people think or feel product A is overpriced. By reducing the price or offering a promotion the product, you could infuse a buying frenzy.brand loyalty from social media

Another option is to have a pinterest account for your company. Here you can post your latest products and even ones coming out soon. This will create a valuable resource for your customers that love your brand have brand loyalty to you. This will also show your customers that you want to reach out to them as much as possible and give them all the latest information. Customers will see this as good company values and build brand loyalty.

So not only can you find ways to leverage pinterest to increase sales and gather feedback on what’s hot and what’s not but, you can also leverage it to help build brand loyalty with your consumer base. These are great reasons why you should be incorporating pinterest into your social media, and if you’re not familiar with it look into hiring a professional internet marketing company to take care of this for you.