If your business advertises online, you’ve probably heard of Google Ads. Paid media is an ever-evolving entity that requires a large knowledge base in order to create effective campaigns that produce results. That’s why many businesses turn to agencies to help with their online advertising. There are different tiers of Google Ads expertise, the highest being the Google Premier Partner. You may have heard that title thrown around, but it’s understandable if you’re not sure what it entails.

The Google Premier Partner badge isn’t given to just anyone who uses Google Ads. Agencies must meet rigorous standards of certifications, have consistently built and managed successful ad campaigns, and are experts in online advertising. As a Google Premier Partner, Spectrum has worked to achieve and maintain rigorous standards and has a team of experts dedicated to increasing our clients' ad performance. We wanted to break down what it means to be a Google Premier Partner, so you can better understand what it can bring to your business.

Google Premier Partner Benefits

Certified Experts. Google Premier Partners don’t just know Google Ads, they’re experts in the field. A Google Premier Partner has team members trained and certified by Google. They must employ at least 2 certified Google Ads Specialists and must continuously meet Google’s standards. Spectrum’s entire paid media team are Certified Google Ads Specialists and their work is dedicated entirely to creating and managing successful ad campaigns.

High Performing Campaigns. Google Premier Partners have met Google Ads's higher spend requirements across their accounts, meaning that a Premier Partner like Spectrum delivers consistent results and has clients who are healthy and growing. We’re experts in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Mobile Advertising, so we can develop custom campaigns that reach consumers through multiple touchpoints.

Premier Access. As a Google Premier Partner, Spectrum enjoys exclusive access to Google. Unlike other agencies, we have a dedicated Google Agency Development Manager who works with us to ensure any question a client may have is answered. We’re also invited to participate in Google’s beta programs that are not yet available to the public. Our clients have access to the top resources and products at Google, thanks to our Premier Partner status.

Listen to what Google Agency Developer Manager, Julia Meter, has to say about Spectrum’s success in the digital advertising space in the video above! 

Take Control of Your Digital Ads with Spectrum

Spectrum’s paid media department works with some of the top home services companies in the industry to execute successful ad campaigns across Google and other platforms. If you want to grow your business’s online advertising, request a free consumer data analysis to connect with our team. We’ll analyze your performance and identify new digital marketing opportunities for your business.