Why did you decide to go with Spectrum versus keeping it in house?

I’m an expert in what I do. I can provide the cleanest, healthiest, safest air for a family to breathe, period. But for me to learn what your team of professionals knows, what a full-fledged marketing and advertising knows. I mean look at your developers that you have on staff. They’re running side by side beta tests to see which one works better than the other one so that you can then spend my money the right way. You’re not guessing with my hard-earned dollars. You’re saying “Hey, we’ve done testing for the last several years, and this is what our testing has resolved and what it’s found. So based on these test results I’m going to invest X amount of dollars into this area but at the same time I’m going to run a test in this area. I want somebody who’s up on the latest technologies. Someone who can take Facebook, Google, YouTube, the website, our CRM, reputation management, they can take every aspect of our business, integrate it into one platform where they all talk, they all share, and they all enhance based on that information each one of that area’s performance or penetration. So, I think that’s the only way you can do it today.

What is your advice to a business that’s still relying on Yellow Pages or relying on newspapers for lead generation?

There’s a little bit of value in everything, right? I know people who are doing ok, they’re still getting their leads from Yellow Pages, there’s some that are getting from newspapers, it’s a little bit of everything but at the end of the day my first thing is I want to know when I’m helping someone in that area is how are they doing in their core business and their core competencies? Because first and foremost, it all takes money. One of the things about in-home service contractors, HVAC I’ll speak to because I’ve known that my whole life, is that they don’t know how to value themselves in the marketplace. They don’t know how to price their jobs. They don’t understand PNL, they don’t understand cost of goods, cost of operations and overheads. You should go through every single one of your chart of accounts in terms of what is critical for the operation of your business because right there alone would pay for all of the services that you’re looking for in the digital space. Get rid of the stuff that’s not critical to your operation, that’s not driving revenue, that’s not driving profitability to your business, cut those things first, and invest it. When you do that, it doesn’t cost you anything if you’re investing it in the right areas because the phone will ring, the business will grow, the market share will grow, and if you’ve got the things in place to make it easy to do business with that company, your sales are going to go up. People don’t realize how they can leverage their relationships to get in the space. It’s a lot easier than people think if they’re working with the right team.

Obviously, you’re a valued partner of Spectrum’s and myself, and I appreciate you giving us the time to create something like this that I believe to be beneficial to everyone.

Now I’ll give you a shameless plug at the end, you can cut this out if you want, but here’s the deal. Christie, Maegan, Taylor, the account reps that work with me directly, Jim of course, solid. One of the best partnerships that I’ve ever made in my twenty plus years in business with a vendor that just completely supports everything. They’re just as excited, just as passionate, and they’re as fast to act as I am. I’m always frustrated because I have and idea and then everyone else is lagging behind, but I share the idea with Maegan or Christy, and next thing I know I get an email back within minutes saying “Yep it’s with the development team. It will be done in a couple of days” and they keep me up to date. I mean it’s a shameless plug but I’m telling you, the reason why I chose Spectrum—I went in blind, I didn’t know Spectrum but did as much research as I possibly could—but I can tell you that I’m super thrilled with the decision that we made. The fact that you’re here, that you’ve helped with the tree campaign, you’ve helped me in areas with services that you don’t even provide. You’ve helped us with it, you’re on top of it, it’s just awesome. I hope Ty sees this portion, your team should see this portion (laughs) because it’s something I’m really grateful for and I’m enjoying the relationship and partnership, and it’s just starting. It’s going to be really badass. It’s going to be awesome. 

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