Capture Lead Information with Ease at Any Home Show

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It’s Jim Wingfield from Spectrum Communications & Consulting. We’re down here in Indianapolis for the 2019 Indianapolis Home Show. We’re here with our partner, Cochran Exteriors, getting them set up to have a successful home show and to check out how they interact with their customers. So why don’t you follow me, and we’ll check out what they’re all about.

This is booth one of two where they are demonstrating their new Marvin Integrity window line, letting homeowners know that they have exactly what they need to go ahead and replace those windows and make sure that they’re safe for the winter. We’re actually here demoing our new In-Person Lead Capture tool to help ease the collection of lead information for their raffle and for their actual set appointments. So, we’ll stand around here, we’ll get some good footage, and we’ll demonstrate to you just how easy it is to capture lead info at a home show.

No More Pen & Paper: Here’s How Our Tool Works

Thankfully, now that it’s 2019 we no longer have to capture lead information with paper and pencil. So, what we’ve actually done is set up the software for a homeowner to wander into the booth, have a conversation with the on-site field rep, submit their information, and our tool will flow it directly into their CRM. It’s incredibly easy to use with an iPad and a stand; the field rep no longer has to worry about taking notes, and no longer has to worry about sending it back to the operations center. It’s easy to just discuss projects with the home owner, enter in the information, and as soon as they’re done, everyone can walk away happy.

As we all know, contact information is king at a home show. Regardless of whether or not you’re collecting that lead info to set an in-home estimate, or you’re raffling off a Green Egg like we have here, we’ve got the tools set up to siphon off those leads individually, and head to the right call center to follow up on when we get back to our operations center.

Evaluate Home Show ROI with Our Tool

Everyone knows one of the biggest points of contention in a sales office is making sure the right sales guy is getting his leads. That’s why when you show up at a home show using In-Person Lead Capture, each individual rep has their own login credentials so that their leads flow directly under their name, and they know exactly what’s in their pipeline for the following week.

What I believe to be one of the more impressive parts of this tool is the fact that after your home show is completely done and you’re trying to recoup all of that revenue by making sure that you don’t miss out on any customer, all of that information has flowed into your CRM and is sourced correctly. We can create custom campaigns where we’re only advertising to those individuals you’ve actually interacted with at the home show. You know that you’re investing money for the customers that you’ve already tried to acquire, and we can go ahead and close those out, increase that revenue, and make sure you see a return during this home show season.

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