You may think that you should turn off your paid advertising during the winter, as it’s not really the time that homeowners embark on projects. While your active jobs may slow down during the off-season, your marketing shouldn’t. Your business should be present in the digital sphere all year long to make an impact with consumers. It doesn’t make sense to turn off your paid advertising completely, but it does make sense to reallocate your budget each season to match your goals.

How You Should Adjust Your Paid Advertising Budget

Branding is huge during the off-season, and your budget should reflect your branding goals. Here are four areas you should invest in when adjusting your paid advertising budget for the off-season:

Facebook & YouTube: Pursue new branding opportunities by investing in these platforms. Facebook and YouTube allow you to build audiences of your current and ideal customers, so your business can reach more potential buyers and grow a following.

Content Creation: Continue building the foundation of your website by focusing on content creation. Write blog articles that highlight your industry expertise and connect you to customers. Not only does it enhance your site for potential buyers, but adding content improves your rankings in search.

Asset Collection: When you’re not swamped with jobs, take the time to collect assets from the jobs you’ve completed! Project photos, videos, and pictures of your team are all valuable assets that you can use on your website and on social media.

Reputation Management: You’ve completed jobs during the busy season, now use them to boost your reputation! Ask satisfied customers to write reviews of your business and invest in customer testimonial videos. The winter is a great time to get people talking about your business, so you can keep your name circulating when it’s time for homeowners to start thinking about new projects.

Spectrum’s Full-Service Strategy

The off-season is the time to tackle operational goals that tend to be overlooked during the busy months. While you may not need as much money in paid advertising as you do during other times of the year, reallocating parts of your budget to meet your branding goals will help your business make an impact all year long.