As a remodeling manufacturer, you can feel spread pretty thin. It’s tough to coach your dealers, put out fires, and track everything to know that your whole network is on the track to steady growth. Particularly as your network expands, the problem of scalability becomes even more apparent.

So, what are some ways to help your dealers grow that work no matter how many dealers you’re helping? Well, automation scales very well! With the arrival of high-power, relatively user-friendly CRMs for the remodeling industry, your dealers have access to a powerful suite of automation tools.

The only problem? Your dealers are only scratching the surface of their CRM’s functionality. Here are four easy wins that you can recommend to your dealers to automate their way to success!

1) Automatic review requests

Your dealers may not know this, but every time their operations team marks a project as finished in their CRM, they also send an automatic email to the customer. Most CRMs have a default template for this, usually a simple thank-you note.

Use this as an opportunity to request a review! Your dealers can close more business if they have more online reviews. Knock out two birds with one stone by automating this, so that you ask every single sale for their feedback!

The Spectrum Reviews Engine gives you an easy place to ask every buyer for their honest feedback – all in a private setting, where you and your dealers can reply to and moderate reviews that don’t meet brand standards! This technology integrates seamlessly with your dealer’s CRM. Just drop the link into the CRM email template and watch your five-star reputation grow!

2) Automatic lead nurturing

What is a salesman’s favorite lead? The repeat customer, of course! Many of your remodeling partners will have a sales team that spends an impressive amount of time to bring previous customers back to the table for their next project. Some of your dealers will have no such system, and lose sales as a result!

You can help your dealers build more repeat business, automatically. Major remodeling CRMs allow you to send system-generated emails that appear to come from the sales team. The simplest implementation of this is an annual check-in email, asking how the project is holding up and gently asking for repeat business or referrals.

3) Automatically call out uncalled leads

Want to create a bonfire out of your marketing dollars? Of course not, nothing feels worse! There is no faster way to waste advertising dollars than to not call leads back. A modern marketing operation is complex, though, so there are many opportunities for a lead to fall through the cracks—but you also have tools to catch potential sales when they start to fall off the radar.

The good news is that most major remodeling CRMs come with off-the-shelf reporting views that show uncalled leads. Show your network where to find that report, and watch as your sales numbers grow with an influx of new sales!

4) Keep an eye on progress, automatically!

Any system you implement is only as good as the accountability processes you back it up with. At Spectrum, we saw that remodeling manufacturers struggled to measure leads, appointments, and sales across their whole network. So we built that functionality into one central location—your corporate website!

With the Spectrum Sales Automation platform, you have a big-picture view of your network’s growth, all in real-time in your website dashboard. You have instant insight into dealer performance, and the ability to identify underperformers for extra coaching or breakaway success stories for congratulations. Allocate your limited resources to the best effect and measure the results, all in one place!

So there you have it—four easy wins that you can help your dealers automate by leveraging powerful new digital technologies. Your dealers don’t have to be CRM experts to amplify your recommendations across the whole dealer network— they just have to listen to your sound advice and implement it in stages! You have the perfect opportunity to introduce these strategies at your next dealer summit or conference call.

Looking to supercharge your dealer network’s marketing results in a scalable and reliable way? Then we should talk! Spectrum is the leader in online marketing for remodeling manufacturers, representing the country’s best brands nationwide. Give us a call today, and we can discuss how to boost your brand’s online lead generation with a great web presence and purpose-built tools just for your industry.