In a recent collaboration between NARI and the National Association of Realtors, 2,000 homeowners who recently completed a home remodeling project were surveyed for their satisfaction with the project.

Some of your dealers may be wary of their previous customers, making them reluctant to ask for reviews or repeat business due to the perception that unhappy customers are commonplace in the industry. This survey data should put them at ease!

Here are the key findings:

  • Fully 75% of survey respondents report a stronger desire to stay in the home, a key indicator of project satisfaction.
  • Across ALL major project types measured, no project type received an averaged “Joy Score” below an 8.2, meaning that the average customer is very pleased with their project.
  • Of major project types measured, 5 out of 20 achieved a “Joy Score” of a perfect 10. That means that the average homeowner was thrilled with their end results in certain remodeling specialties.

See the report with complete insights here!

The key finding from this years-long study of home remodeling customers is that your clients are probably happier than you realize. As this is a common stumbling block for remodeling manufacturers when encouraging dealers to seek reviews, you now know that you can safely ask previous customers for their honest opinion without worrying about an outpouring of negativity.

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