Last year, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage, and the divide is only increasing. With 77% of American adults owning a smart phone, lead generation is becoming a mobile game. So, what can you do to increase mobile functionality? Two things! The first is to understand the behavior patterns of mobile usage, and the second is to optimize your website for these behavioral facets.

Mobile users are only going to convert if you have the right quote form in place. Download our guide below to learn what elements make a quote form most effective.

Mobile Madness

In our society today, multitasking has become the new norm with every task becoming more and more intertwined with our mobile devices. This heavy integration of mobile devices in Americans’ lives is seen in internet usage—it has been reported that 72% of internet minutes are spent on mobile.

This ever-increasing mobile usage means your business needs to be adapting to consumers’ new habits. With phones right at their fingertips, consumers expect more instant gratification. In fact, over 50% of consumers expect 24/7 service!

This presents a challenge. Most consumers are using their cell phones and tablets during non-business hours (before 9 AM and after 8 pm), so without an after-hours lead strategy, your business is likely missing out on lead opportunities.

The Chat Solution

How can you meet consumers’ steep demand for 24/7 service without losing sleep and personal time? Chat functionality!

This little box can completely change the way your business captures leads! With our premiere 24/7 chat solution, your business doesn’t have to pay someone to constantly monitor your lead sources. Instead, you pay a per lead cost of $16 (and only on qualified leads!).

Chat functionality fits consumers’ preferences and habits. We surveyed over 500 homeowners and found that 85% of homeowners use online chat and 42% of chat leads took place after business hours. This proves that consumers are looking for a way to interact with your business beyond phone calls during business hours.

Explore Your Chat Options

Mobile devices’ popularity are growing by leaps and bounds, and your sales tactics need to adapt to this. We invite you to explore a chat solution with Spectrum and receive your first 10 leads free until end of December 2017. Redeem this offer to speak with one of our market specialists about integrating chat on your site along with a complete lead generation system.

Or download our guide below to learn how you can have more mobile success with a better quote from!