We hear it all the time: the digital age is here, and it’s evolving faster than most industries can keep up with. It’s an idea that creates a lot of excitement because of the many ways content can be shared and supported across multiple platforms. This expanding digital marketplace, however, also causes a lot of dread for companies that still conduct a majority of their business offline, namely remodelers and home service contractors.

Although home service companies shouldn’t be moving all of their marketing efforts over to digital, they should be reassessing how they can better harness their online presence. The best way to do this is integrating offline and online strategies so that the two complement each other. Linking the two allows both to become more effective through their combined impact. To dive a little deeper, here are a few considerations you should make when rethinking your traditional and digital marketing mix.

Your offline marketing strategies are stronger when you integrate them with your online efforts. Download our guide below to learn how you can pair the two for a more effective overall strategy.

Put the Shift to Online Marketing in Perspective

Some of the largest, most widely publicized companies in the world are rededicating their resources to building exclusively online marketplaces, whether it’s a retail giant reducing their brick-and-mortar locations or major news outlets opting for social feeds over cable.

While companies in the home service industry might not be shifting as drastically, many online marketing elements are becoming increasingly important—but offline elements remain essential. One of the biggest factors in your lead conversion will always be how comfortable a homeowner feels about the expertise and temperament you and your crew display, because they’re going to have to share their home with you anywhere from several hours to a few weeks.

You need top-notch offline tactics to build up your business’s reputation, but integrating this with your online presence can increase the audience reach of this reputation.

Don’t Write Off the Power of Print

People have always been quick to pronounce print dead. They thought libraries and newspapers were doomed with the growth of smartphone technology, and now, even television is considered on the ropes because of the cord-cutting movement.

Consider this, though; there’s been such a staggering explosion of new media sources that consumers actually revert back to localized sources of information because the content is more specific to their immediate area. A steady ad campaign in your local paper or on the nightly news can still be quite effective. What will make it more effective, though, is adding the digital element.

The Home Services Industry is Show, Not Tell

Building trust in home service industries relies heavily on being able to physically demonstrate the reliability or innovative nature of your products. This is often easy to do in person through demonstrations and showrooms, but with the power of online marketing, you can take it a step further. Video and photos shared on your website, ads, and social media are great places to demonstrate your business’s value by showing, not telling. By linking in a digital strategy with your offline physical demonstrations, you get the ability to exponentially build brand recognition and trust through thousands of impressions in a very short time.

Merging Old and New Methods

Home service professionals should opt for a marketing strategy that creates harmony between their online and offline promotional efforts. To see our breakdown of excellent traditional/digital marketing integration, download our guide below!