Your business probably has a quote form that allows people to contact you through your website. But is your form actually capturing all of those hot leads you want it to capture? We have a feeling the answer might be no.

If you haven’t looked at your quote form in a while, ask yourself these three questions to analyze whether your strategy is working. Then download our guide on “Maximizing Conversions on Quote Forms” to learn what makes a quote form most effective.

Is it in the right places?

Where can you find your quote form? If it’s only on one page of your site, you’re missing out. Humans are lazy creatures. If they’re on a page, and they have to navigate away from it to get to your quote form, they likely won’t do it. Play to their laziness and make sure your quote form is set up to fill out immediately.

Is it designed properly?

Compare your quote form to its surroundings. Does it stand out? One of the biggest issues with low quote form conversion rates is the fact that site visitors don’t even notice your form is there. If it blends in, they’ll skip right over it.

Is it asking the right questions?

What information are you asking for? Do people have to answer eight questions before they can submit your form? If yes, then you’re asking too many questions. You need to strike a balance between getting all of the necessary information and making the form short enough that people want to fill it out.

How to Improve Your Quote Form

Your business can capture more leads by rethinking your quote form design and language. We lay out best quote form practices in our e-book so that you can make your lead form a more effective marketing tool. Download the guide below!