Home improvement lead generation is becoming a crowded market. Just to name a few titanic companies you are competing with:

  • Amazon Home Services.
  • HomeAdvisor/Angie’s List – now one supersized conglomerate.
  • Home Depot and the other big box home stores.

That’s an intensely competitive marketplace! But let’s not forget the elephant in the room.

Google Home Services

Google just released an expansion to their Google Home Services program this week, and it is really exciting for local contractors. The Home Services ads show up at the very top of Google search results, whenever you search for your best lead generation terms.

The new Google Home Services dominates the search results when customers search for phrases like "bathtub replacement philadelphia" or "electrician in san francisco."

In this new Google format, your customer is encouraged to call you directly. That’s awesome! The lead goes exclusively to your call center.

Like all Google ads, you are charged when a customer takes an action – either when they call you or click on your profile. If they click into your profile, they see your service area and reviews, with a very prominent button to call you.

Need an update on the important changes at Google? We summarized every major change for the home improvement industry in our New Google Features Guides! Download that below.

Why do customers love it?

Your customers value two things. Convenience and guaranteed results.

It’s convenient: 

In 10 or so seconds, a customer can see your reviews, see that you serve their area, and give you a call. What an easy win for you!

Here's what you see when you click in - everything a potential customer needs to call you!

It’s guaranteed: 

Google guarantees that the service will be “done right, or your money back.” Talk about a great and simple value proposition!

Badged with an attractive green guarantee from a trusted brand - all supplied by Google!

Google can afford to pay for the extra insurance, since about 98% of their titanic revenue comes from ads like this. As the service provider, your customers are covered by this guarantee through Google.

Looking for more great Google features? Download our New Google Features Guide for the latest and greatest from Mountain View!

How to get ready

With this new format being introduced, Google Home Services is rapidly being released across the country. You’ll need to take a few steps to be ready. First, you need to have great reviews on Google. Service providers with more 5-star reviews are shown at the top!

Secondly, these are Google ads. If you’re already running ads, great. We can integrate Google Home Services ads into an existing campaign where the beta is currently running. If you aren’t running ads, time to dust off your old AdWords account!

Would you like for us to review your account to see if you’re ready to take advantage of Google Home Services ads? We’d be happy to help with that! Just click the link below to request your FREE and personalized review.