Showing up every time your brand is searched for, your Google My Business listing is a great and FREE tool to grow your online presence. Until this week, your company had relatively little control over what was featured on your listing.

Not anymore! Starting this week, you have full control over your Google My Business listing, and can post content to it directly. This is huge, and can make a great impact on your online visibility and revenue.

Here’s what the new feature looks like for our partners:

The images and ability to customize your offers give you a great opportunity to promote your business. By taking advantage quickly, you can provide your customers with an experience that your competitors cannot match!

At Spectrum, we keep up-to-the-minute with all of the latest Google features. If your current digital marketing team isn’t keeping you at the cutting edge, we should talk!

What to post

Google is giving you an opportunity to highlight your best and most persuasive content. Our partners are already having great success by posting a variety of specials and testimonials.

That includes:

  • Your monthly sale. You can schedule offers with start/end dates, so our team schedules offers in advance, so that your online presence is always consistent.
  • Appointment scheduler. Your customers love convenience, so include a link to set an appointment! All our websites have this feature by default, and we see that customers love it.
  • Testimonials. Think of your most persuasive sales content. Video testimonials are a great example. Include a link directly in your Google listing to stand out!

How to do it

You have the option to post any content you like, with a preview image, a text blurb, and one of several predefined buttons. Here is a look at the new interface!

The Learn More button is your general catch-all, but Sign Up or Reserve are perfect for scheduling appointments, and Get Offer is great for monthly sales or promotions.

As a partner to promote your business, Google is great at developing new and innovative ways for customers to find and buy from you. The only trick is that Google is constantly introducing new features, and it can be hard to keep up!

Looking for more?

Not getting as many quality sales leads as you want online? We should have a conversation! Spectrum is the Google Premier Partner for the moving industry – we would be happy to review your current efforts and offer expert suggestions, all free of charge. Simply click below to schedule your FREE review!