Summer is a great time of the year – the weather is great, the kids are off from school, and the phone rings off the hook. The biggest difficulty you’re likely to face is that you have too much business for your current staffing. When that happens, it’s time to think about hiring!

Finding great employees is tough for movers. Between finding the right people, convincing them to apply, and then interviewing, you can really sink a lot of your valuable time into hiring.

You can use technology to make your job easier, though! Here’s how to get started hiring for each of your departments:

1) For drivers, go digital!

Do you know a great source for skilled drivers with safe records? Indeed. When you think of your team of drivers, you may not think tech savvy, but we find that we have great results running Indeed campaigns for our partners.

Post your job openings, and if you are really in a rush to hire or need to fill multiple positions, pay for advertisements. We find that a qualified resume costs about $10 to generate with ads, which is a very fair price.

2) For inside sales, get creative.

  • Flyer drops.
    • Drop flyers or tuck them under windshield wiper blades. The best places to start are the places where you found your current employees. Failing that, try colleges or libraries!
  • Bulletin boards.
    • Bulletin boards are a classic recruiting technique, and still effective. Coffee shops and libraries are great choices!
  • Brand ambassador groups.
    • Try a Google search for “Brand Ambassadors of…” and then add the nearest major city to the end. Brand ambassadors are great, early-career sales staff!

3) For every department, leverage your website.

Ask yourself, if an interested candidate wants to work for you, how easy is it to apply? You want as many candidates in your resume pool as possible, so make it easy to apply. Particularly for younger workers, your website will be key.

You need a dedicated Careers page on your website, with the ability to take resumes and applications on the spot. Then, you need a backend system for organizing the applications. Just an HR email doesn’t cut it – you are going to pull your hair out trying to keep track of applications!

Our partners include the best and fastest-growing movers in the country, and we have the software to support that growth!

At Spectrum, we work with more vanline agents and independent movers than any other digital marketing agency. The majority of our customers are large, complex organizations with constant hiring needs. So each and every one of our customers have a customizable Careers Page that takes job applications directly.

Is your website provider supporting your business for all aspects of growth, from the lead generation to drive sales, all the way through hiring to support new business? If not, we should have a conversation. At Spectrum, our clients are the largest and most dynamic players in your field. Let us use that expertise to grow your business!