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As we reported previously, Angie’s List has implemented a huge change to their business model. Their basic subscription service is now free to consumers, allowing homeowners in your area to read reviews for your dealers and their competitors. The opening up triggered instant growth, with more than 1.6 million homeowners signing up.

At the same time, all is not rosy over at Angie’s List. Their corporate headquarters suffered major lay-offs, after the new business model had time to percolate. This coincides with a significant drop in stock value, as the company reported a 6.8 million dollar loss on their November earnings report.

What effect will that have on your dealers? Should you partners be using Angie’s List? To answer these questions, you really need to understand how Angie’s List works for your dealers.

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Let’s walk through the steps of how a customer finds your brand on Angie’s List.

1) A customer finds your dealer’s Angie’s List profile.

Once your dealer has positive reviews on Angie’s List, they are going to want to show them off. Your dealer will tell their customers to find them on Angie’s List.

2) The customer is prompted to log in.

Upon finding your dealer’s Angie’s List profile, they can see a bare minimum of review information. To see the rest, the customer is prompted to log in. The account is now free, so there is no downside, right?

Here is an example of what a customer sees before logging in. Very limited info.

3) The customer is redirected to a general search result page.

As soon as the consumer logs in, they are directed to a search results page filled with remodelers. Many of these remodelers are your dealer’s direct competition! If the customer is not absolutely committed to doing business with your dealer, they now have many alternative companies to consider.

Here is an example - your dealer's name does not necessarily show up in the search!

Angie’s List has shifted their model from subscription-driven revenue to ad-driven revenue, which explains this functionality. Their paying customers are the remodelers who appear on top of the search.

As a manufacturer, you are better off recommending that your dealers collect reviews in a more controllable environment. On your own website, for instance!

Here is what our software looks like in Google search - no need to worry about paying advertising fees here!

We work with LivingSpace Sunrooms dealers to collect reviews in a positive environment, right on their own manufacturer website. Those reviews are even automatically displayed in Google search results. If you want this functionality for yourself, give us a call!

Not only can LivingSpace highlight their great reviews, they can give their local dealers the advantage of a national brand.

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