Homeowners and remodelers head out to homeshows with different goals in mind. A homeowner wants to see new ideas for their home, to weatherize the exterior or beautify the interior. As a remodeler, you go to the show hoping to grow your business by inviting homeowners to set appointments and meet with your sales team.

The homeowner’s goal and your goal don’t necessarily overlap – it’s your event marketing team's job to persuade!

Whether you call them demonstrators, sales consultants, or brand ambassadors, you will need a charming and persuasive team at the home show to bridge the gap between your goals at the home show.

Here's how to hire the best staff:

Hire for Persuasion.

The key to success as a brand ambassador is being an outgoing, persuasive person. Where should you be looking to find charming and persuasive staff for your brand? Try the following:

  • Facebook Brand Ambassador pages.

Try Google searching “Brand Ambassadors of” + Your City. Can’t find it? Shoot us an email and we’ll show you!

  • Local colleges & community colleges.

A great place to drop fliers! Some companies leave them on car windshields, but there are also dedicated flyerboards. Libraries and food courts get great foot traffic!

  • Other businesses with similar sales models. 

Cell phone shops employ charming, young sales people, and you have a compelling side-job to offer them! Try similar businesses to hand out your card.

Ready for the master’s course? Download our Home Show Marketing Guide below for all the best techniques!

Hire for Goals.

How many brand ambassadors do you need? Well, simply reverse engineer your goals. A successful demonstrator books 1 appointment per hour. All you need to know is how many hours you will be at the event and how many appointment slots you need to fill, and you will know exactly how many staff you need.

Don’t forget to budget for breaks!

Hire for Metrics.

In sales and marketing, there’s always a chance that your employee just won’t have the skills or drive to hit the target metrics. Rather than trying to catch those folks in the interview, try giving them a personality test before the interview. Meyers-Briggs type personality tests are available for free online, and give you a quick idea of how outgoing a person is.

Remember, you’re looking for Extroverts!

Between staffing the events and managing them over the weekend, event marketing can be a very complex puzzle. By hiring the right staff, though, you’re laying the perfect foundation. Is your event marketing team struggling after the show, to enter in lead sheets on Monday mornings? Let us help you with that!

We have the software you need to bring your event marketing in the digital age. From tablet-based lead sheets, to event promotions on your website, we connect your event marketing to your digital marketing to supercharge your results. Give us a call if you’d like to see our system in action!

Looking for more great event marketing tips? Download our complete Home Show Guide below!