Many brands make the mistake of using their Facebook page like a billboard, advertising sales that solely benefit their business. So many brands do this that customers just ignore 100% commercial posts. To draw your customer in, you have to get them excited and engaged. If you give your customer something of value, they will engage with you on social media.

Take a quick minute to read up on the best posts to use for lead generation, as we've seen proven in your industry.

Ideas we’ve seen work great:

  • Pictures of previous jobs you’ve done. Download our Project Highlight guide to do it right!
  • Feel-good posts. Are you involved in the community? Your customers would love to read about it!
  • Contests! Everyone loves free stuff, and you will love all of the leads.

Check out this contest from Tundraland - they combine a giveaway with a tie-in to their local football team, and that is just irresistible to their customers!

Wondering how to highlight your own work on social media? Get our fillable Project Highlight worksheet below!

Once you attract the customer onto your page, you are going to need to convince them that you are the right company for them.

Reviews are social proof

Reviews are one of the key features that owners often forget about on social networks. Once you bring a potential customer onto your profile, you want to communicate that you are a great company to do business with! 

Make sure that your Facebook page has plenty of happy reviews on it. These will appear in most searches for your brand name, so it is important that they be plentiful and positive!

Get in touch

The last step here is critical, and this is where many folks leave off. They expect to hang a shingle on Social Media, and for the Likes to turn into new business. That’s not how it works! You need a strategy to turn Social Media interest into booked sales.

If you are running contests, this could not be easier. Simply drop the contest entries that you collect on Facebook directly into your regular contest process. Give each entrant a call, confirm their entry, and offer to have them sit with your sales team. With the right talent on the phone, you can set appointments with a solid portion of your contest entrants.

For contacts other than contests, try reaching out directly. If a customer likes a video of one of your bathtub installs, send them a thank you note, and ask them if they have questions about your bathroom remodeling services. Customers love personalized contact, and this is exactly the sort of task one of your phone team can take care of, so it fits right into your existing process.

Ready to get started? Check out our Project Highlight worksheet below for a quick guide to awesome Facebook posts for lead generation!