If you had a second chance to persuade every visitor on your website who didn’t get in touch with you on their first visit, wouldn’t you want to take it? Of course you would! Remarketing ads give you that exact opportunity, following qualified homeowners around the web after they visit your site.

What to expect from remarketing ads

Remarketing gives you a unique opportunity to go after otherwise lost sales. Like all paid-search ads, you pay for each visitor who clicks on your ad. The cost-per-click, though, is frequently much lower than a regular search ad. That means that you ultimately drive more affordable sales! For our average remodeling partner, remarketing ads cost 45% less expensive than your average paid-search lead.

With a little technical expertise and analytical thinking, we build 20%+ of our overall paid-search leads through remarketing. That pushes down our partner cost-per-lead significantly!

That’s only accounting for direct conversions, from visitors who click your ad and then get in touch. You also get the advantage of remarketing ads acting like a digital billboard for your business, influencing folks who don’t ultimately click the ad. Those leads may search for you later, which you are not charged for, but which we can measure! These are called “view through conversions,” and they are one more way remarketing ads build your brand. Typically, you receive 2-3 times as many view-through conversions as direct conversions, which only sweetens the pot!

How Remarketing Ads Work

1) A visitor reaches your website, either through a paid-search ad or finding you on Google. They are cookied, and can even be reached on their smartphone.

2) Depending on what pages of your site they visited, you can serve them different ads. Best to show customers ads related to what products they looked at!

3) You set the parameters for how long and how frequently ads show to a customer. We checked into the analytics, and most conversions happen in the first 30 days after the first visit, and the first 10 times the ad is shown.

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