As experts in the remodeling industry, we are frequently scratching our heads about consumer reviews. We’ve reported previously that reviews have a huge impact on your bottom line, but it wasn’t clear how your customers were using reviews to pick your company. 

How many reviews are your customers reading before they buy, for instance? Is it better to have a few quality reviews, or does quantity matter more?

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Well, we created a survey to find out! We asked 1,010 American families about how they picked home remodeling specialists, and the findings will help you improve your business.

Some key survey highlights:

99% of customers are reading reviews before they make their decision – that means that you absolutely cannot afford to ignore reviews.

Customers universally prefer companies with more reviews. Quantity and quality both influence customers!

We even asked customers how many reviews they’re reading before they get in touch – you will be surprised to see how high it is.

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