Looking to sell more homeshow leads? Get the strategies in our step-by-step homeshow guide to the right!

Imagine this – your homeshow booth looks great, with your trailer of products gleaming and spotless. Your A-Team of demonstrators stand by, ready to explain your product and charm customers into booking appointments. Only, the customers aren’t coming. They’re passing on your booth and heading to cheesy competitor booths that are handing out freebies.

That’s the rub with homeshows. Contractors come to provide home improvement services – in fact, your sales pipeline probably depends on leads you generate at homeshows. Your customers, though, don’t come planning to hire a contractor. You need to persuade them to come to your booth. As silly as it sounds, free handouts are a great and cost-effective way to bridge the gap between your goal at the homeshow and your customer’s goal at the homeshow.

Wondering how to pick a good homeshow handout?
Look for these 3 things:

  1. Useful – the main point of your handout is to get a prospect to come and talk with your demonstrators. If the swag is useful, they’ll come and chat.
  2. Durable – a secondary bonus to your handout is that it can sit around the prospect’s house, constantly reminding them of your brand. If you don’t book the appointment today, you may be the first person they call because they see your number on the handout.
  3. Affordable – we need to see these cost less than $1 per handout, to keep lead costs profitable.

So, what 3 handouts do we see performing best? Here’s the cheat sheet:

  1. Tape measures – nothing says “I’m meticulous” quite like stamping your name on measuring tape and handing it out. It screams remodeler, it sits in your prospect’s toolbox for decades, and it is hyper useful. Want to know the craziest thing about tape measures? They’re cheap – around 75¢ a piece.

  2.  What is the one thing you never have enough of in your house – dogs? Hand tools? No, chip clips! The best ones will have your phone number on the front, and a magnet on the back. That way, your prospect sticks it to the fridge and sees it daily. Cost? Around 60¢ a piece. Really, think about it. When was the last time you threw out a chip clip?
  3. Screw drivers – speaking of hand tools, here is a promotional item that is like a one-two punch. First, your name and number are on a tool that customers associate with your services. Second, you can be at the top of your prospect’s mind when they need to fix something in their house – talk about perfect timing! Cost is reasonable, too, at about 85¢ a piece.

So, there you have it! Beat your competition at the homeshows by having the most alluring swag in the whole conference hall. Don’t be surprised if you hear people asking your prospects where they got the tape measure! 

Looking for more tips? You should read Spectrum’s Homeshow Guide below, which is chock full of useful advice for winning sales at homeshows!