Let’s be honest, most customers that choose to give you a review without you asking aren’t the nicest folks—they are generally crazy customers ranting about something that went wrong. Whether it’s an angry one-legger ranting about how they don’t need their spouse to make a remodeling decision or just a random complaint—we feel your pain, and we’re here to help.

Here are the 3 examples of the most common causes of one-star reviews for movers and how to avoid them.

1. "Never showed up, never called..."

Your salespeople are human beings. They screw up, they miss appointments, and not all of them are models of reliability. This can really tank your reputation, and hurt your future sales.

Solution? Show up to your Sales Calls. Make sure that your team is picking up the phones and making it to every sales meeting on time and ready to sell. Institute a system where you confirm each meeting is attended, and if you see a sales call was blown off, get in touch with that customer right away. You can hold off a lot of problems with a quick apology by phone.

2. "Salesman stayed over for 3 hours..."

It used to be that sales calls were something of an endurance test. Two or three hours in, a customer would just give up and accept the price and the product on the table. That’s no longer the case. Folks are increasingly researching their options online so they don’t need your sales team to provide as much information. In fact, people can get hugely frustrated if your sales staff get long winded, and that can result in some bad reviews.

Solution? Run short demos. Keep your demos under an hour, and watch your sales numbers and review scores rise.

3. "Why would any company require my husband to be here?"

Unfortunately, it’s hard to explain one-leggers to customers. Of course you will want both halves of a household present for your sales demonstration, but that explanation is a sure fire way to send people running to Yelp for a negative review.

Solution? Sell Your One-Leggers. This one will require a bit of discipline in your sales force. The trick is, you need to be really, really diplomatic in asking about the other half. This is a hot-button issue that causes a lot of nasty Yelp rants, and your sales staff can bumble through it without the right training. If one homeowner insists that they can make the decision solo, let them sit for the demo!

Looking for more One-Legger strategies? Download our One-Legger sales guide here!

In our experience in the home improvement industry, One-Leggers close at a solid rate. Your sales team may initially complain, but they'll come around as they close sales and reap the commissions from it. Plus, your review score will improve!

I bet you are wondering why are none of these one-star reviews are popping up because of product issues, like shoddy caulking or lousy alignment on the windows. The truth is, your customers do not understand your product well enough to know whether or not it has been installed perfectly. That's why they're reading your reviews in the first place! The want a quick gauge to tell them if you're a company they want working on their home. With these 3 rules, your company will shine every time a potential customer researches you, just by preventing the silly misunderstandings that lead to one-star reviews. 

If you're interested in more strategies to turn reviews into revenue, download our reputation management guide below! It's chocked full of reputation guidelines to grow your remodeling business.