Curious how many remodelers place ads on Google?  We did a study on that!
Spoilers: 56% of award-winning remodelers are running paid-search ads.

Some remodelers don’t fully realize the effect that the boom in smartphone searches will have on their business. The mass adoption of mobile search will be disruptive in the same way the mass adoption of desktop computers was. Google sees the writing on the wall, or they’ve measured it in their immense pools of search data. Google recently laid out their plan to shift to “ Mobile First” in 2016, along with the new features they would use to do it.

The team at Spectrum went to the Googleplex in Mountainview to take part in an exclusive Google Partner’s event where these changes were announced.

The key changes below will give a clearer picture of Google’s new updates and how Spectrum can help your company land on the top of AdWord’s search results.

The summary from Google:

Larger and More Effective Ads

The key change – Ads are 15% larger, and looking less like an ad with each update.

The just announced updates to Google’s AdWords will change the current two 35-character description lines into one consolidated 80-character line. This is great news for home improvement companies, as there will now be more space available to provide an engaging, accurate description of the services they offer. Plus, with the removal of sidebar ads, search users will be more likely to click on the ad space than the organic space.

More Prominent Headlines

The key change – Massively larger ad headlines, increased by a full 140% for maximum visibility.

Current headlines through Google consist of one 25-character line. However, this is being updated in 2016 to include two 30-character headlines with each ad. This change will result in a greater opportunity to increase your consumer exposure. In recent trials, it was reported that the click-through rate increased by 20% compared to current text ads!

Improved Local Ads

The key change – Customizable Google Places page for advertisers.

Google is now making it easier than ever for customers to connect with local businesses on their mobile devices. By integrating advertisements with Google Local and Google Maps, companies will now have the opportunity to have their location information prominently seen when consumers conduct a search related to the home improvement industry.

Google Local Ads, as seen currently:

Especially considering the rise in geo-specific searches, like “remodeler near me” or “roofer in Schaumburg,” this new adspace will be particularly valuable.

Get the Data

Considering that more than half of Google searches are now on a mobile device, Google's priority-shift to mobile makes perfect sense. The removal of sidebar ads, which had long been the format for mobile search, was just the first step in making a uniform Google experience across devices. 

Are you curious how paid-search ads have been performing for remodelers since the big format change? Our expert team of marketing and design professionals are keeping an eye on new Google search results -  Download our whitepaper to see the data and what you can expect from the new format!