It’s true that consumers have become more selective than ever in choosing a company to do business with. In the customer-driven world of today, people don't do business with just anybody. They want quality products that come with quality service.

89% of consumers said they started doing business with a competitor because of a prior company’s poor customer service (CEI Report, 2011).

Because your home services company aims to serve customers with such particular needs, it’s important that you are well-equipped for every customer interaction—especially incoming calls.

Phone calls have proved themselves one of the best forms of leads for companies everywhere because they are personal interactions between you and a customer. Direct dialogue with a potential customer gives you the chance to make a positive expression and to convince them that your services are what they are searching for. Sometimes the first interaction a prospect will have with your company is going to be a phone call and its importance simply cannot be overlooked.

To guarantee that your potential customers have a positive experience when contacting your company, it's essential to have an informative plan put together. Phone scripting is an excellent way to make sure your phone representatives are comfortable and confident in the way they interact with your customers. With a well-written script, they are always prepared for any situation or questions that may arise during a phone call. A good phone script can even guide a quick phone call about a question into a conversion!

One of our clients, a Philadelphia replacement window company, implements effective phone scripting strategies to have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. By using a phone script, their phone representatives are able to direct a comfortable and engaging conversation with their prospective clients. Feeling well-informed and confident about doing business with this company, the callers are exponentially more likely to convert into sales.

An effective and detailed phone script is vital to capturing leads for your home services company. “Um’s” and “er’s” have never conveyed such a negative message to consumers as they do today. By creating an engaging script, your phone representatives will communicate confidence, which the prospective customer will associate positively with your company. Competition for business is fierce and consumers need to be reassured they are making the right decision in choosing your company.

A great phone script needs great software to back it up. As a leader in internet marketing services and software, Spectrum offers tools to help you record, maintain, and organize your calls, leads, and conversions.