Ready to "move" forward with your business? Great! That means it's time to take control of your reputation management strategy. But before you tell yourself that responding to negative reviews online and posting good reviews from customers on your website is easy, hold your reservations. In fact, maintaining an active reputation management program is an incredible test of commitment. But as long as you keep up with it, you’ll reap in the rewards exponentially.

To ensure that your strategy doesn’t fall to the side, it’s important to have a plan that is both concrete and flexible. Execution is the key to successful reputation management. This means a strategy you can refer to each week as well as one that can evolve easily to accommodate changes as your company grows.

As the owner of a moving company, you’re bound to get pulled in different directions, leaving your attention divided and putting your plan at risk of failure. This is why it’s important to keep your staff informed of the strategy and assign team members to appropriate tasks. For example, the person in charge of managing your social media outlets should also be the one responsible for responding to off-site reviews. And your move coordinator who worked closely with your customer should be the one to contact and request a positive on-site review or mediate a negative one.

Stay organized and on target. You can do this by having your reputation management process take the form of a daily checklist or even a calendar of tasks. It’s also important to remember that managing your reputation is more than maintaining a good report, it’s also about cultivation. Be sure to create a process to send review requests to happy clients as well and a set schedule for sending follow-up requests. And most importantly, use analytics to track your leads, conversions, and any other stats to help you gauge your growth over time.

Your reputation management program should be a labor of love! While the hardest part may be setting up your schedule and finding a process that works for your company, eventually the flow of reviews will help write themselves. The process will become easier and as your moving company grows, you can add additional tasks to create a more effective reputation management program.

Consider how these results could shape your company: one of our Spectrum clients saw a 129% increase in traffic over 6 months and a 96% increase in conversion rate after implementing their reputation management tool and program. This explosive growth was due to their consistent use of our new software. If you’ve got what it takes to keep up with reputation management, then a good, consistent reviews strategy can yield positive results for you as well.