“Catch it while you can!”

“Last chance to save!”

“Hey, it’s James.Let’s talk travel.”

Taglines taglines taglines. Consumers hear them all day every day. Our emails are bombarded with these quick-pitch tidbits – and it has made it hard for us to keep caring.

Blame your failed email campaign on burnout. Blame it on acute selectiveness. Blame it on decision paralysis. As long as, at the end of the day, you fix it. But how?

Seriously? What makes an email marketing campaign float? And how do business owners get their prospective customers’ attention before they hit the “delete” key?

Start with these 5 fundamentals:

Hit Your Audience Everywhere.

A staggering 65% of all emails are opened for the first time on a mobile device.

So please please please make sure that your emails can be viewed on any device – phone or tablet. If your emails are not optimized for any internet-ready device, you’ve already lost.

Use reputable email marketing tools like Vertical Response, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to ensure that your content is easy to read and load. The name of the game is accessibility.

Make a Connection.

Personal emails garner twice as much engagement as their generic counterparts. So it’s incredible that a whopping 70% of companies don’t add that personal touch that everyone is clearly attracted to.

Personalization, by the way, doesn’t stop at the subject line. It’s not enough to address your subscriber by name anymore. Instead, strive to engage them with questions regarding their experience with you or your industry. That’s the true way to someone’s heart.

Ask how their latest purchase is working out.

Suggest new articles for them to read.

Solicit feedback based on relevant data – that how the biggest companies in the world show their customers that they care.

Break Up Your Email List.

Marketers sometimes make the mistake of thinking that their subscribers have identical interests.

They don’t.

Organize your subscribers into groups for particular email campaigns. Segmenting your list based on something as simple as gender or their location or previous purchases ensures that you are sending your customers information that is relevant to them – keeping them constantly engaged.

Timing is Key.

Location is important. Timing is crucial.

Receiving an email at home can be a very different experience than receiving an email at work. People are barraged with emails from 9 to 5 – most of which are discarded without a second glance (depending on the content, of course).

Email sent to consumers while they are off the clock, however, between 8 PM and midnight, are often far more effective.

Getting your content to people is important; just don’t forget to keep their schedules in mind, too.

Don’t Get Too Wordy.

Keep your message clear, concise and compelling. A quick glance at your email should tell your prospects everything they need to know: who you are, what your deal is and how they should proceed.

Everything else is just extra.

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