As of 2014, Google+ has over 540 million active monthly users, which means it’s grown by nearly 200% over the past year! With the value of Google+ increasing every day, we have to stop thinking of this platform as a ghost town and take it for what it really is: an invaluable lead generation tool.

In order to properly utilize Google+, one must first understand what it is. It’s more than just a social network. Google+ is a collection of sophisticated user communities. It’s also a content sharing platform.

Here’s how to take advantage of this online revenue stream:


Creating great content – stuff your users will enjoy reading or watching – is important no matter which platform you’re using. Plain, over-stated information simply isn’t going to cut it.Focus your energy on producing attention-grabbing, engaging content that your followers will enjoy reading and interacting with. This is more important than ever with Google+, as the platform allows users to filter the information they see in their feed.

Each user experiences things differently and makes connections in their own unique manner.Eye-catching images, videos, and traditional content should be dispersed throughout your account to make the most of your Google+ presence.


You can find a Google+ circle for every niche and interest. It’s true: each circle is its own network of users who share similar interests and interact regularly with one another through content.These circles are where your audience is and with whom you should be sharing your content.

Creating your own circles is just as important as joining them. The circles you create and join should be comprised of general industry topics as well as specific aspects within that industry.

So joining circles is crucial to your success. However, it’s also important to regularly interact within each community, because that’s the best way to quickly make lasting connections with potential customers.


Google+ Authorship is a truly unique feature. Authorship builds both branding loyalty and search popularity for your content – these are perks you won’t find anywhere else.

After you register for Authorship, your article will show up in search results alongside a picture of your choosing. Users are naturally drawn to search results with images, a fact which explains why some authors enjoy 150% more traffic post-Authorship.

If users enjoy your article, they are then also able to immediately go to other articles that you have shared with your audience. This makes it easier to turn that reader into a new follower.

Authorship also adds value to the content you post. Google wants to advocate their social network and their users.Therefore, your Authorship can help you reach your search goals and increase your content views, because you have the biggest technology company in the world backing your efforts.

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