Good morning, you lead generation crackerjack, you.

That’s right, you. It must be nice waking up to a steady flow of quality leads every day. But then again, what do you expect when you’re doing everything right? Your website is organized, informative, remarkably self-sufficient and it fits any screen in the world? You’re site’s a winner. That’s a given.

But what do you do with the leads once you have them? How do you convert prospects into green money?

First and foremost, you earn their trust. And to do so, you must be consistent.

Whether the prospect decided to learn more about your company by calling you, filling out a quote form, or even chatting you online, your obligation is to approach each lead with steadfast regularity. Follow a step-by-step process. Swear by it! And you’ll start winning more business than you know what to do with.

If you’re ready to make this happen, below is a good place to start. Here are the five actions you need to take (in consecutive order) when a raw lead hits your pipeline:

1. Never Underestimate the Power of Appreciation

A lead is technically made up of two parts: your prospect’s name and their email address. Without these two components, you don’t have a lead and thus cannot begin the process of systematically winning new business.

So when somebody does give you their name and email, don’t just send back a lifeless quote response. That would be taking your potential customers for granted…

Instead, as soon as they press the “Request Your Free Quote” button, redirect them to an appreciation page, which includes a thank you message and (if you really want to make them happy) a picture of their new account rep. You could also do this via email. Either way it’s going to look sharp.

Always show your appreciation. It won’t make you look weak; it’ll make you look like a human being – one that other people are inclined to trust and do business with.

2. Let ‘Em Hear Your Voice

Shortly after a prospect receives their free quote, you or another company representative should (if possible) place a phone call and make a formal introduction. This’ll also give you a chance to gather additional project information.

While this step helps open an important new line of communication with your prospective client, it also allows you to qualify the lead – assuring that a responsible and mutually beneficial relationship will ensue.

3. Confirmation Time

Email the transcribed details of your conversation back to the prospect along with any combination of the following:

·  Letter from the Sales Manager: if you want to get micro.

·  Letter from the President: if you want to get macro.

·  Customer Reviews: created by satisfied clients.

·  Customer Testimonials: created by your marketing department.

This step will, again, help you build rapport with your prospect. The information you provide will also give your company credibility, which makes it much easier for Mr. /Mrs. Customer to pull the trigger when the time comes.

Fur-ther-more, a confirmation email is a good opportunity to schedule an in-person meeting (if the nature of your business calls for it).

4. Let ‘Em See Your Face

For service providers (e.g., moving companies, remodelers) an in-person meeting is often an essential part of the closing process.

This meeting is more than just an opportunity to better understand the scope of a project. It’s a chance to get paid.

This stage is similar to a standardized test, in that if you’ve prepared and done your due-diligence (i.e., followed the aforementioned steps), good results will follow.

Remember: serious prospects are serious about getting projects into the development phase. Keep this top-of-mind, directly above your smile and the proactive banter that’s coming out of it. 

5. Always Be Tactful. Always Be Mature.

Say things work out.


Send over a follow-up letter as soon as possible thanking them for their time.

Say things don’t work out.


Send over a follow-up letter as soon as possible thanking them for their time.

Whatever happens, it’s imperative that you handle the situation professionally (but you already know that). Burning bridges, after all, isn't the best way to get places. Keep yourself in as many digital rolodexes as possible and you’ll never lose a qualified prospect. 

To make executing these critical steps a streamlined process for our clients, Spectrum has incorporated a multi-touch response system into its software platform. Call or email your SEO today to discuss how you can automate and track steps 1-5 on your website today!

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