Your company's website, regardless of the product or professional service you offer, is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. This is especially true if your business depends on a consistent stream of quality leads.

Recently, we initiated an A/B test which completely reinforces the notion that trust and credibility are of paramount importance online. We measured that one of our sign company customers was consistently converting 7.8% of their website visitors into leads. In other words, for every 1000 people who visited their site, 78 either submitted their e-mail address or uploaded a logo/design to their file sharing system for a free quote. These statistics were recorded when the slider pictures on the company's homepage advertised the company itself (e.g. displaying its logo and headquarters).

In an effort to increase our number of conversions for this client, we switched out some of the company-branded images on the homepage with examples of their work. These included signage projects for major corporations such a Chase Bank and even AT&T Park in San Francisco.

The results were profound.

Every 1000 visitors to the site now generated approximately 147 leads -- an 88% increase! And why did this happen? Because the new pictures instantly gave the company credibility.

At Spectrum, everything we do revolves around the acquisition of leads and new business for our customers. To do so we use a slew of advanced marketing techniques and technologies. We also test. 

We test everything: landing pages, quote forms, e-mail signup requests -- the list goes on and on.

We test because doing so ensures that our clients' conversions are consistently improving. Testing gives us the confidence to definitively say what's working and what's flopping. The more you test, the more you'll understand your potential customers -- gradually trimming the fat off the lead-capturing techniques you employ until all you have left is lean, efficient and effective strategies that get the job done and put money in your pocket. 

The results of our A/B test are also indicative of the fact that your logo doesn’t necessarily have to be the first thing people see when they go to your website. Let your work -- especially if it's iconic and notable -- speak for your company. This will help you drastically improve sales without even increasing website traffic.

It's a good deal.

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