Business owners, more than anyone else, understand the importance of precise, accurate data and the impact it can have on a company's success. Marketers have long relied on concrete data to make impactful decisions that would truly resonate with the goals and objectives of a business, both long- and short-term. To gather this data, most marketers and business owners rely on Google Analytics, a truly sophisticated service that generates website traffic and conversion metrics for businesses of all sizes. Google Analytics, or GA, is regarded as a magnificent tool by many marketing professionals, as it gives invaluable insight into the performance and efficiency of online campaigns -- and it does so completely free of charge.

At Spectrum, our GA-certified Search Marketing Engineers use the service to drive targeted web traffic to our customers' sites. In several clicks, we can gather statistics on the number of visitors to a site as well as individual page views, bounce rates and a heap of other statistics you could use to improve your website's conversion rates. All-in-all, GA is becoming more of an industry standard, and just in case you're not convinced yet, below are several legitimate reasons why you must have Google Analytics working for you:

Target Your Audience

Perhaps your business has a niche market, or maybe, you're product or service is seasonal and more sought-after during a select few months out of the year. When you use GA as a monitoring device, you can make your business more visible online, increasing the exposure your brand receives with highly-effective, well-implemented keywords your potential customers are searching for. These keywords, of course, can be attained using GA.

Understand the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts

Internet marketing is unique to any other form of advertising because it offers concrete methods through which to understand your efforts as a marketer. Google Analytics is one of those methods. When you use targeted keywords to drive traffic to your website and, in time, are able to narrow down the ones that are most productive, there's truly no limit to how efficient your online campaigns will ultimately become. Furthermore, by telling you your website's bounce rate, or the percentage of people who leave your site shortly after entering it, GA is giving you extremely useful insight about the quality of your PPC advertising. In other words, does your website deliver what your online ads are promising?

Make Changes to Your Website Over Time

As a sophisticated online tracking tool, Google Analytics gives you the information you need to adjust your website to the demands of your customers. For example, in just a short succession of clicks, GA can tell us not only how many individuals visited our site, but from which device, as well. Therefore, if you notice an increased number of mobile visitors to your site, it may be time to make the switch to responsive web design. The same principle can be applied to other measurable aspects of your site. Landing pages, for example, are excellent indicators of your marketing, as most are created with the sole purpose of converting potential customers. Using GA, marketers could calculate the conversion rates of their landing pages and eventually, through proper A/B testing, settle on a design that's most profitable.

At the end of the day, Google Analytics provides business owners with truly remarkable features that make marketing a much more calculated and dependable art form then ever thought possible. Of course, as with any in-depth system, there is a learning curve -- one that cost many unacquainted users valuable time (not to mention accurate data). At Spectrum, our professionals are GA-certified, ensuring that our customers are properly set up for Google Analytics success.

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