Still in beta development, Graph Search isn't accessible to the public yet. However, in anticipation for the launch of its latest product, Facebook invites users to join a waiting list and sit tight until the world's first social search engine drops.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, called Graph Search the "third pillar" of the social network with over 1 billion active users. He equated it to Newsfeed and Timeline, two profound features that revolutionized the social experience for users across virtually every platform, not just Facebook.

What is it?

Graph Search is an alternative search tool which, unlike traditional search engines, will return results based on the information available about a user's social connections. In a promotional video for the new product, Facebook's team members explain that Graph Search will help people acquire more relevant results to their inquiries in a faster and more intuitive way. Go ahead, be really specific and even a little off-the-wall with your searches. Apparently, as this advertisement suggests, Graph Search loves it when you get zany.

How will it affect your marketing?

"In the past, Facebook has been about mapping out and staying in touch with and communicating with people you already know in the real world," says Lars Rasmussen, an Engineering Director at FB," but now, [Graph Search] can be used to find people you maybe should know, people you have common interests with, people you want to work with…" In other words, Graph Search is a marketer's dream -- helping social media managers across the globe identify new opportunities and untapped segments based on people's interests.

The beauty of Graph Search lies in its flexibility, allowing users to search entire sentences with multiple keywords. This function will give marketers an opportunity to gain far more detailed and valuable insight into target markets, which will ultimately yield more targeted Facebook messages and campaigns that people will appreciate, enjoy and respond to.

Joining a waiting list for Graph Search may just be a Facebook marketing strategy designed to increase demand and crank anticipation for the product's launch. Whatever their angle may be, you can sign up for it here.

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