Unlike your actual signature, email signatures are meant to be easily legible – providing your contact information while leaving a unique impression on everyone who reads it. Though the ultimate purpose is to reinforce your name, address and telephone number, you could offer so much more. You could provide people with a simple way to access your website, social media pages, blog and reviews... just add a link to the end of your email signature.

You may not see your email signature as a marketing opportunity but adding additional links can boost traffic and increase conversion rates. It’s also a straightforward way to build your personal and/or professional brand while providing others with the convenient, lightning-fast references they crave.

Where you send your email contacts is wholly up to you, but here are four practical (almost standard) recommendations:


You’ll never go wrong with making your website’s homepage more accessible as it’s the epicenter of all your business information. Increase the effectiveness of your signature by making your homepage a landing page – giving current and potential customers alike easy access to your company’s contact information, promotions, etc.

Social Media

As the importance of social media continues to rise, providing clients with access to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and/or Twitter will offer an inviting tone to your email signature. The icons themselves give your signature credibility and will increase your accounts’ followers over time.


Unlike your company’s homepage, your blog is always brimming with fresh content. It’s a great place to engage your customers. Providing a link to here is crucial. You can also use a dynamic link to send customers to your most recent post.


Thoughts are scattered across the Internet. With an email signature link, you can take people to specific thoughts about your products and services. Offering a link to your reviews illustrates confidence – giving your business clout, authority and another avenue through which to influence.

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